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ZS6DX is back on the air after a long break and having fun, look out for me on the bands in 2014!

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A personal journey with Amateur Radio

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Updated 29/07/2014

Hi ! My name is Rudi Venter, I have been a licensed Ham since 1996 and a SWL long before that when I was still a school boy. I build my first transmitter when I was 10 years old. My previous calls were ZR6VE (restricted 50 MHz and above only) and later upgraded to ZS6VER, I still hold the call V51VE. I was born in Namibia (Windhoek) but I grew up in Pretoria, South Africa.

I enjoy contesting and DX'ing, mostly on CW but I can also be found on SSB and PSK31/RTTY on the odd occasion. I also love playing with radios, modifying or improving and home-brew is always fun.

At the moment (July 2014) I am concentrating on rebuilding my antenna farm and getting my station contest and DX ready again. I have also added new amplifiers so that I can run legal limit on all bands from 1.8Mhz to 433Mhz. I am still looking for a decent amplifier and 1296Mhz equipment.

After some DX'ing and the recent IARU HF contest I am happy to report that my CW is getting back to where it was before the break. And I love CW even more than in the past, it holds all the magic of amateur radio that enticed me to it as a youngster.

Apart from playing with radios and electronics in general I also enjoy nature, hiking and nature photography. Apart from photography as a hobby it has become a bit of a second career for me with assignments coming in on a regular basis. I mostly sell my work via international agents. I do a bit of motorcycle riding, enjoying long trips a lot. I also fly a lot and I will fit a ham radio to an aircraft soon.

For me amateur radio has become a way of life, I take it into account where ever I am or what ever I do.

This page is a short summary of my journey with amateur radio, I hope you enjoy it!

73, Rudi de ZS6DX/V51VE